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Looking for Talented Employees?

VR Nevada Can Help.

National studies show that people with disabilities make excellent employees. They have high levels of performance, retention and attendance. But not all employers know how to effectively recruit and retain such individuals. Nevada Vocational Rehabilitation (VR Nevada), a Division of the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, makes it simple.

We’re “At Work for Disability Inclusion,” connecting employers with reliable and qualified employees who can help drive business success.

All VR Offices Are Now Open to the Public

We provide FREE, professional consultation services for:

  • Recruitment of employees with disabilities
  • Retention of employees with disabilities
  • Workplace Accessibility
  • Education and Training on Disability Issues
  • Accessing Financial Incentives

VR Nevada Makes it Easy to Recruit and Retain Employees with Disabilities.

We’ll meet with you to determine specific recruitment requirements and refer pre-screened, qualified job candidates matching those requirements. Our assistance to your business includes work readiness skills development, customized on-the-job training strategies, guidance and technical assistance, and assessments of assistive technology needs. We provide quality support throughout the recruiting process, and comprehensive follow-up services.

Blindconnect, a Southern Nevada nonprofit established in 1998, has a mission to enhance opportunities for Nevadans affected by vision loss. Blindness is frightening. It is isolating. It is life-altering. But, the visually impaired don’t have to face those challenges alone. Visit opens a new window to learn more.

Employees with disabilities bring:


Employees bring innovation

Unique experiences and understanding that transform a workplace and enhance products and services.


Employee diversity

Another dimension to your diversity efforts, contributing to the development of unique and creative business solutions.


Employees with disabilities bring marketing

A market of over 350,000 potentialconsumers who purchase from businesses that hire people with disabilities.

Being a person with a disability (PWD) or the parent / guardian of a person with a disability presents many challenges. One of the most significant challenges includes overcoming substantial barriers to establishing financial stability. The purpose of this toolkit is to provide PWDs and parents / guardians with simple, high-quality, easily-accessible information regarding various federal and Nevada specific resources designed to assist PWDs and their family members to more efficiently navigate the process of financial decision making.