Services Provided by Vocational Rehabilitation

Persons with disabilities have a range of services available to them through a statewide network, which includes Nevada JobConnect.

These include:

  • Assessment of job-related skills and abilities
  • Assistance with job search, placement and job retention
  • Determination of eligibility and vocational rehabilitation needs
  • Physical and mental restoration services related to vocational rehabilitation goals, such as possible corrective surgery or therapeutic treatment
  • Collaboration with employers to provide assistive technology for the workplace
  • Collaboration with agencies to provide public assistance, such as housing and food stamps
  • Transportation in connection with providing a vocational rehabilitation service
  • Interpreter services for individuals who are deaf or deaf-blind
  • Career counseling and guidance
  • Post-employment services
  • Occupational licenses, tools, equipment, and supplies
  • Education, training, and skills enhancement
  • Transition services for high school students with disabilities interested in entering the workforce upon graduation