What is VR Nevada?

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What is the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation?

The Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation’s (DETR) Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation is designed to help people with disabilities become employed and to help those already employed perform more successfully through training, counseling and other support methods.

The Rehabilitation Division is comprised of three bureaus, which include Vocational Rehabilitation, Services to the Blind and Visually Impaired, and the Bureau of Disability Adjudication. The Division also includes the Blind Business Enterprises of Nevada Program, and the Office of Disability Employment Policy. All of these services are designed to address assessment, training, treatment, and job placement for Nevadans with disabilities. The division places primary emphasis on providing necessary services to help clients work and live independently.

VR Nevada offers transitional services for students with disabilities

What do I want to do after I graduate high school? What are my options?

There are rehabilitation counselors in Nevada who are available to provide transition assistance to students at high schools and alternative schools in Nevada. The Transition program is completely confidential and is a team effort involving school staff, Vocational Rehabilitation counselors, parents, and the student.

Our job is to help you get a job. We’re at work for disability inclusion.