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Jill Elliott Success Story

Jill Elliott was college educated, and had an MBA. She also had a successful career as a Registered Nurse for 13 years, until one day when she had to take a four-year break in employment due to the exacerbation of her disability. That was when, between the months of September and October 2014, she approached the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation (BVR).

Before approaching BVR, Jill had difficulty in obtaining employment due to her disability. She tried very hard to get a job on her own, only to become discouraged. She applied to over 50 jobs without any success and the process only resulted in furthering her depressive symptoms.

Jill found that her biggest barriers were getting part-time work that would accommodate a flexible work schedule and finding people who were open-minded enough to base their judgments on her performance, rather than her past mistakes or current limitations.

Through the BVR, Jill was connected with counselors and job training at Marshall’s. After completing four weeks of training at Marshall’s, she was offered a position, which she graciously accepted.

Presently, Jill works at Marshall’s as a cashier and fitting room attendant. This new position is a big change from her background in healthcare, but she says she loves the challenge of conquering new experiences. The work environment is very supportive of her limitations and willing to work with her, even when mistakes are made.

Jill appreciates the support of her employer and the BVR’s commitment to her success. Without these two factors, she says she would have difficulty getting along in life and trouble pursing a positive relationship with her two children.