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Cody Robinson Success Story

Cody Robinson graduated from Churchill County High School in June 2014 and returned to school the following year to work on academics he felt he needed to improve under his Individualized Education Program (IEP).

While attending school, he began to work with Expanding Life, a job placement agency in Reno. When Cody came to the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, he was very interested in working at Walmart, but had been unsuccessful when he applied. With a lot of groundwork laid by Lucy Carnahan and Beverly Marshall, his caseworkers, Cody had his first Interview with Walmart in April. He had three interviews and was finally hired by The Walmart Corporation on May 13, 2015 to work on their janitorial staff.

Cody is extremely happy in his new job and has worked very hard to be successful.  Cody received a tremendous amount of support through the Fallon Vocational Rehabilitation Office and is glad he can now live as independently as possible with his job.