Cody Robinson Success Story

Cody Robinson graduated from Churchill County High School in June 2014 and returned to school the following year to work on academics he felt he needed to improve under his Individualized Education Program (IEP). While attending school, he began to work with Expanding Life, a job placement agency in Reno. When Cody came to the…

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Peter Tang success story – Office Depot

Physical disabilities don’t stop Peter Tang from doing an exemplary job for Office Depot. Hear how his boss in the shipping department describes Peter’s work ethic and why he was nominated for the company’s A Team. If you’re thinking about hiring people with disabilities or know a company that is, call VR Nevada.

Damon Fruitful Success Story

When Damon Industries’ Fruitful Juice Products was looking for a new employee, they contacted VR Nevada to help find someone suitable for the position. Juan was the perfect match. He’s doing a great job for the company and everyone likes him. In fact, he’s doing so well that he was selected as Fruitful’s Employee of the Year.

Chona Success Story

Chona was in an accident that left her with a disability. Hear her story and how Nevada Vocational Rehabilitation helped her and other individuals with disabilities obtain employment.

Gustavo Success Story

Gustavo was born deaf. VR Nevada helped Gustavo get a job after struggling for years. VR Nevada matched the needs of OfficeMax with the abilities of Gustavo and helped him obtain a meaningful job.

Kimie Success Story

Kimie has been blind since the age of 12. VR Nevada has provided Kimie with assistive technology, so she can be successful in her job and education. Kimie is now attending law school and working full time.